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As my clients of this email search have discovered, with just a first and last name and city or state, you can perform an extensive search to find someone. We can also provide extensive background on anyone you search for and find within all the databases we search. The search features at this site can go way beyond just email searching.

Go to our Easy Email Search Page and enter the first and last name of the person you are searching for and the state (if you know) where they live or have lived. The results returned will contain possible "hits" of the person you are seeking, email addresses AND an extensive amount of available information about that person.

People Finder Online
People Finder Online is a popular data base search. A great place to generate LOTS of information about anyone you are trying to find.

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Dating Safety
Background check your dates. Great for people using online dating.

Find Someone
Great resource site for help finding someone. You will find some free searches and some top quality, professional database searches. Impressive site. No wonder we are listed there. Also help finding phone numbers, maps and more.

Advanced Detective - Do It Yourself Investigations
Really detailed searches and search specific searches to find people, investigate someone's background, check public records and more ... and you can do it all yourself. Handy site for many reasons.

Search 4 People Network
Quick, easy access to seemingly unlimited databases in every state in the US ... and beyond. Check marriage and divorce records, criminal records, military records and much more. If a person has lived any kind of life in the United States, there is a record of it somewhere.

Missing Kids Help
Excellent site for both helping find missing children and to educate parents about how to keep their children safe. Other sites you may want to visit regarding missing kids: Find My Child ... Child Connection and Amber Ready System

Someone Is Missing
For help finding someone who has gone missing, check out Someone is Missing. You can an post online missing person notice BUT you will need to first contact your local police and file a missing persons report. Putting up an Internet posting can be very helpful. Operates in the United States, Australia and the UK.

Instant Background Checks
People rarely are what they appear to be. If you want a background check on someone you are dating, doing business with or renting to, you will likely find this a very handy site.

Psychic Finders
If you have tried all the traditional methods of trying to find someone, maybe start thinking untraditional and utilize a professional psychic skilled in locating people ... who knows?

Check Phone Numbers
If you are getting annoying phone calls (or discovered strange phone numbers on your son, daughter or lovers cell phone), then, you might want to visit Check Phone Numbers. They also produce highly detail reports on the owner of the phone number.

Celebrity Email Addresses
Oh, you KNOW you want to drop an email to that super-model in the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit issue ... or, maybe, say "hello" to Mel Gibson or singer John Mayer or the latest star in the Twilight movie series. Very fun.

Need Help With Missing Pets?
Missing Pet Partnership is an excellent site for help finding missing pets. It is a national, non-profit organization. For things you can do right now to find a missing pet, check out Missing Pet

Email Finders
Professional service that can help you find just about anyone's email address anywhere in the world. They also have access to numerous databases in other countries.

National Center for Missing Adults
The National Center for Missing Adults(NCMA) is a government run center for helping find missing adults. They assist with searches, coordinate government agencies and the media. There is a toll free number at their site for reporting a missing adult & a tip line.

Anonymous Browser
If you truly want to web surf anonymously, check out anonymous browser.

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