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Contacting And Reconnecting With Old Lovers & Friends (Or Anyone Special)

So, the day has come you want to find that lost love, ex-lover, old friend ...
If you knew their email address a simple email could work wonders ...

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There are any number of ways reconnect with a lost love, an ex-lover, and/or old friend. The more time passes, the more we seem to think about "what ifs" and "why did I ever... ". And, of course, the not-so-distant past can haunt us, too. Like that guy who had a great business idea (and great smile) that you met a few months ago but were too busy to talk with. Or, that woman you met at a party who invited you to see her house on the beach but you were involved with someone at the time. Sometimes you only have bits and pieces of information about that old love or friend or person you want to find. With the age of the Internet, that is likely ALL you need to find them again and contact them. But, before you start down that path, may we suggest you think over a few things.

We are going to suggest you think over a few things before you start this search to find someone, be they an old love, a good friend you lost contact with, or someone special you met and now regret not getting to know. For example, if you are considering finding an old love, consider they may now be married. Or, if it is someone you met not long ago, and there was really a "spark" when meeting them... well, do you know if they are married? Would it help to know that? Also, consider that tracking down someone's home phone number (especially if it is a private number and possibly not listed in the traditional sense) can seem too forward or aggressive. Wouldn't it be great if you had some idea what the person you are trying to find has been doing ... or what they do for a living? Our intention is not to discourage you ... what we are doing is help you make sure this "reconnection" goes well. May we suggest a tip: A simple email message may be the best way to open the door to a wonderful opportunity. And, know a bit about that person can help you determine what may be best to say.

Let's first consider a number of free options to finding someone. Ready to get started? Great. First, let us start with the simplest ways to find someone that are free and easy. No doubt, you thought of searching at Google using the person's first and last name to perform a search. It would seem obvious to "google" someone to find them. And, it is usually the most obvious thing that folks overlook. In your search for someone, do not be surprised if that old lover or friend has a personal or business web site. If so, hey, your work is done. As previously suggested, a simple heartfelt email will no doubt do the trick. Other good search engines to check are and Bing. Another tip to finding that ex-lover or old friend is this: If you know their last name and state where their family lives, put in the search box their last name and state. Many families have family websites AND many people who get married (and sometimes those who get divorced) have web sites up about those events or have posted that information at a social web site. If this simple, free approach does not work, here are some other tips and tricks to finding someone online.

There was a time you could visit some of the largest free email providers and search their 'Members Directory' to find someone's email address. However, abuse of this system (especially by spammers) has forced most if not all the major free email services, and ISPs who provide email addresses, to block access to any kind of email address directory. If you have someone's OLD email address, and this person wants to be found, check out Email Change. Another good site for email search help and finding people is's Find Someone page.

If your lost love, ex-lover or friend is an old high school friend, then, you may be in luck. Internet sites that assist high school friends to reunite are very popular. And, large high schools all over the country have web sites up. Many have alumni pages. Since high schools often have alumni that help organize reunions, contacting someone working on your high school reunion might be a good idea. They often have a mailing list with numerous ex-students to invite them to the latest reunion. Unfortunately, most colleges do not have these same facilities, however, some do have college alumni who do help with keeping graduates informed on special events and fund raisers. You can also check out college web sites to see if the there is such an avenue to obtain contact information for the person you are looking for. One tip: Everyone is concerned about privacy issues these days. So, if you do find someone who has direct contact with the person you are looking for, offer to provide YOUR contact information. This allows this person to pass on your information to whomever you want to contact. Most of the professional web sites that are "social communities" which help old high school friends to meet and communicate do charge a fee. A good example of a high school reunion site is Grad Finder. The unfortunate part, if you join one of these social student reunion sites, is that if you do not find the person you are looking for you are out the fee to join. Still, it need not be a total loss. You might find other friends in common with the person you are seeking.

Do you know the business interest or the hobby of the person you are seeking? Here is another free tip to find someone. Go back to Google and do a search on that business or hobby. There are many business directories that provide a lot of information about people in that field of work. And, sometimes, hobby sites may list members who are willing to assist others learning that hobby. Some even have discussion boards where you could post a question if anyone knows the person you are looking for.

If none of the tips and ideas above help you find the email address or contact information you are looking for, then consider the services we offer: A Fast, Easy Email Search. Yes, there is a small fee to get a great deal of information including a likely email address, possibly including a home address, marriage/divorce records, even a phone number and more. There is a reason services such as the one we offer are so popular. It saves you hours of searching on your own and provides far more information than you are likely to ever find on your own. Forgive us if we think the search feature we offer is one of the best available. You can use it one time for a small fee, or you can pay a small monthly fee and get unlimited access any time you want. And, there is another reason you might want to consider the email search feature we offer ...

At the beginning of this free article, we mentioned that it is good to know as much as you can about the person you are seeking before contacting them. It could help you decide if now is a good time to contact them. Especially if you are looking for an old love or a close friend you lost contact with. Is this person now married? Or divorced? Or widowed? Do they share their email box with their spouse? (A heartfelt note might not be such a great idea in that case, maybe?) If you are looking for someone you met recently and have a romantic interest, are they married (and never mentioned it). Do they have a police record? (Taking them home to Mom might prove a problem if serving prison time comes up in the conversation and you did not know about it). If this person you are looking for is in regards to business, is their business real? How well are they doing? Are they an "off shore" operation posing as a US business? All this information can become very important in deciding when, how and in what manner to contact the person you seek. And, as one last tip, you may want to keep it to yourself you discovered so much information about them before contacting them (at least until you see how being back in contact works out). Make it a point that you sought them out for reasons way beyond technical records. Besides, recorded history is never the whole truth nor tells the real story. It is just a starting point. Also, given the human element of inputing data into databases, there is always the possibility some information may be inaccurate. It does not happen often, but it does happen. Typing error do sometimes happen and the computer is NOT the oracle for all truth.

We wish you the best in your search for your old friends, that lost love or that special someone you should have gotten to know better, but did not. As we said, a quick, honest email to that person could open up a whole new world for you ... or settle any questions you may have harbored for years.

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